Who is Han van Roosmalen?

SInce 1986 I have been working in different areas of IT. Through various softwarehouses I have been working at numerous large and small Dutch and foreign (high-tech) firms. I have been started with C, C++ and Java though the last ten years I have been less involved in programming but more in design and team coaching. The last couple of years I have been working more on web and workflow solutions.

Because of this pluriform background I easily recognise what problems have to be tackled and what pragmatic solutions can be incorporated in the development process. For me ethics and integrity play a large role. I like to position myself close to the customer even when this means a smaller margin for the producer. Communicating at customer level for me is as easy as communcation at technical level.

My resume describes every detail of my knowledge, even though it is an large resume it does not describe everything I have done.

I like to use new but solid methods and work processes, such as Agile, Scrum, Lean and UML, Dependency Structure Matrix methodes.