Lattix Suite

Lattix logoThe Lattix tool suite consists of a number of powerful parts that can be used to manage the quality and complexity of your software application during development.

Lattix LDM is the user interface that helps you to visualise the intended vs. the realised software architecture. LDM is the tool that is the start of getting back into control.

Lattix LDV is comparable with LDM but differs from it because manual changes made to the DSM cannot be saved. By preventing this it is the perfect tool for the development team members that have no right to change the intended architecture.

Lattix LDC is the command line version and provides all the functionality of LDM expect that is has no graphical userinterface. However all desired reports, DSMs and graphs can be saved. With LDC it is possible to visualise the results of every build and have it validate against the design rules as specified with LDM.

Currently Lattix supports the following programming languages and database. Mixing technology is possible in one Dependency Matrix:

  • Ada,
  • C/C++,
  • Delphi,
  • Java,
  • .NET (C#, VB),
  • Oracle database and PL/SQL,
  • MS SQL Server,
  • Sybase,
  • UML/sysML,
  • Rhaphsody

Is your technology not mentioned then some other possibilities exist:

  • Use of LDI an XML format made for importing dependency information into Lattix,
  • Use of the Latix API (application programmer interface) based on Groovy,
  • Explaining your wishes to see if it can be made by Lattix engineers.

For more information about Lattix you can contact me.