Lattix connects Java and C/C++ via JNI (Java Native Interface) Android Example

By Han van Roosmalen - Posted on 24 November 2010

Demo of JNI in Android

The 6.0.6 release of Lattix enables the visialisation of Java Native Interface calls. This is of great help for embedded systems architects who want to see the dependencies between higher level Java code and the for example the drivers made in C or C++.

Android Software Architecture

In the Dependency Structure Matrix the dependencies between the Java functions on the upper architecture level and the Android core functions (Linux) is visualised. This opens interesting possibilites for improvement of large and small systems

Android consists of over 18000 Java Classes, 2000 Java Interfaces, 20000 C++ header files and 14000 C++ source files.

If you are interested in the architectural mismatch see Android Architecture Mismatch.