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Strategies for Effectively Managing Legacy Systems

On the InfoQ website an interesting video has appeared of  Amit Uttam and Derek Longmuir in which they discuss different strategies that are applicable to legacy systems.

Besides that both gentlemen provide us with a proper definition a legacy system they provide a number of strategies for dealing with legacy. Some of those strategies are pretty straight forward, others are not.

Emenda meeting

A few weeks ago I went to the Emenda sales meeting in Bordeaux. I stayed there for 3 days and was informed about the new features that the various software tools that Emenda sells. Emenda is European sales partner for tools like: Lattix, Klocwork, Defensics, Cantata++ and ElectricCloud.

The general mood was that the market for static analysis tools is growing. The economic crisis does not seem to  affect sales of these tools. However tools sales growth in Europe lacks far behind on other regions. The reason for this is not really obvious.